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Hydraulic Prop Tube

It is mainly used to make coal mine hydraulic supports, cylinders and columns, and other hydraulic cylinders and columns.
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It is mainly used to make coal mine hydraulic supports, cylinders and columns, and other hydraulic cylinders and columns.

The representative materials of hydraulic prop pipe are 20#, 45#, 27SiMn 30CrMoSiA, etc.

Heat treatment system: 20# and 45# are normalizing; 27SiMn (920±20) ℃ water purge, (450±50) ℃ tempering, coolant: oil or water.

Hydraulic prop pipe is based on high-quality carbon structural steel, with one or several alloy elements appropriately added to improve the strength, toughness and hardenability of the steel. After this type of steel is made, it usually needs to undergo heat treatment such as quenching and tempering, chemical heat treatment, and surface quenching. Compared with high-quality carbon structural steel, it has good comprehensive mechanical properties. It is often rolled into round, square and flat steels, which are used as important structural parts in machinery or machinery.

The corrosion resistance of hydraulic prop pipes is not stainless steel, of course the corrosion resistance is not good. But wear resistance and machinability are much better than stainless steel.

Calculation method of hydraulic prop pipe: (outer diameter-wall thickness)*wall thickness]*0.02466=kg/m (weight per meter)


The cylinders and columns of coal mine hydraulic supports and pillars can also be used for other hydraulic cylinders and columns.

Hydraulic system, plastic machinery, injection molding machinery, rubber machinery, forging machinery, die-casting machinery, engineering machinery, automobile industry, shipbuilding industry, metal processing, military industry, diesel engine, internal combustion engine, construction machinery, agricultural and forestry machinery, automation machinery, petrochemical industry, aviation Aerospace, hydraulic and pneumatic, air conditioning, shoemaking machinery, etc.

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